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What is an optical fiber coupler? Strongman optical communications

date:2018-08-22 17:58

Optical fiber coupler (Coupler), also called splitter (Splitter), is a light signal from an optical fiber in the fiber element at least, belong to the passive component in the field of telecommunications networks, cable TV networks, user loop system, local area network will be applied to, and use the maximum breakdown of optical fiber connector passive components.
Fiber coupler is removable between the optical fiber and optical fiber (active) connection device, it is the two fiber surface precision docking, so that the optical output of the light energy to maximize the coupling to the receiving optical fiber, and the effect of intervention on the system caused by the optical link to minimize the. For a waveguide type fiber coupler, it is generally a component with Y - type branching, and the optical signal input by one optical fiber can be divided into equal parts. When the opening angle of the coupler branch increases, the leakage of light to the cladding will increase, resulting in excessive loss, so the opening angle is generally within 30 degrees, so the length of the waveguide type fiber coupler can not be too short.
According to the difference of the coupling fiber, there is the following classification:
SC fiber coupler: application to the SC fiber interface and RJ-45 interface, it looks very similar, but the SC interface is more flat, contact the difference or inside, if it is 8 thin copper contact piece is RJ-45 interface, if it is a copper column is SC fiber interface.
LC fiber coupler: used in LC optical fiber interface and connector of SFP module, it is made of handy modular socket (RJ) latch mechanism. (router commonly used)
FC fiber coupler: applied to FC optical fiber interface, external strengthening method adopts metal sleeve, fastening method is screw buckle. It is usually used on the ODF side (the most used on the distribution rack)
ST fiber coupler: used in ST optical fiber interface, commonly used in optical fiber distribution frame, the shell is round, fastening mode is a screw buckle. For 10Base-F connections, connectors are usually of the ST type. Commonly used in optical fiber distribution frame

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