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The problem of home network cabling is often overlooked

date:2018-08-22 17:59

Network cabling is one of the modern family decoration essential steps, but few people understand this, most people are put to the electrical network cabling can, more households will pay attention to home decoration and building materials, furniture, and in the network routing problem in many of the details of the decoration does not take into account. There is no treatment. When you move into your new home, you'll find that these problems can have a big impact on home networking, and rewiring is cumbersome, wasting money and wasting time. Below, we will introduce some of the more common problems and solutions.
Problem 1: no 220V power is reserved in the weak current box
The family circuit divides into the strong electricity and the weak current two big kinds, the network cable, the telephone line, the television close circuit and so on all belong to the weak current, but the weak current box is used in the family weak electricity signal unified management, the distribution function. More common decoration method is to find an ordinary weak box, in fact, is a plastic box, which does not reserve 220V power, just put these wires into it.
But with the broadband speed, fiber to the home, you need to put the cat in the light box and the light weak, the cat is needed for 220V power supply, 220V power supply if you want to add in the weak box, it is necessary to re opened from a strong box line, when renovation has been completed, wall paint has a good brush, wallpaper also go up, line is very troublesome. The simpler way is to power the light cats by row and plug, but in this way, the plug and wire are always exposed, and for many users, this is clearly beautiful.
To avoid such a problem is actually very simple, there are two solutions. One is to remind the electrician master in the weak box to set up a socket, but the weak box inside all kinds of wire is very messy, light cat heat dissipation may also be a problem. Another way is to buy an intelligent weak box, inside the socket, cooling fan, light cat installation, signal modules, etc., is not easy to appear wire clutter, this method is worth recommending.
Question two: there is no reserved network interface below the TV set
In the past, the main source of television was closed-circuit television, so it was necessary to set up a closed-circuit interface below the TV, which was considered unnecessary by many users. And now watch TV with a new choice of IPTV, in recent years, China Unicom, telecom, IPTV, mobile phone charges, broadband all into the family package. Many people are ready to IPTV in the bedroom, but IPTV is through network data transmission, IPTV set-top box to connect to the network interface, and the TV is not reserved below the network interface, the night table is. With the same problem, after the completion of the renovation to re take the line is basically impossible, go open wire family environment is too beautiful.
The solution is very simple, as long as the electrician is reminded to reserve a cable interface under the TV set.
Question three: net quality is not personally identified
Half a pack of popular style decoration, as the name suggests is a material such as ceramic tile etc. to be purchased by households, and the whole house wiring provided by the decoration company. In the early negotiation stage, the decoration company will often introduce the wire used, but the decoration company will only tell you the brand and category of wire, actually use what cable, you do not know. If you do not identify the network before construction, good or bad, it is likely to encounter network transmission speed, loss, network damage and other problems easily affect the use of home networking.
Solution: now the family network gigabit network is best to use super six lines, six lines are on the wire marked CAT6 words, first look at the words are clear, and the external core insulation layer, will pull off the plastic bracket cross is transparent, is recycled materials etc.. In addition to see the words, but also to test the core material, this is the basis of the quality of the cable. Can be said without the use of copper core products are bullying, in order to reduce the cost of some cable will use aluminum or even when iron wire core, an insulating layer and see the color as long as the Bakai magnet can use open. It should be noted that the 8 wire cores should be pushed aside, and the core of the wire surface should be scraped to avoid the "4 core copper, 4 core aluminum" and "aluminum core copper plating" trap. Preferably after wiring is completed, the equipment connected to the actual speed, there is a problem immediately rectification.
Question four: Huxing center set network interface
In daily life we cannot do without WiFi, part of the user to WiFi signal for each place in the home can be full, decoration, selection of the network interface is arranged in the center position in the whole room, used to place a wireless router. It seems that the wireless router is about the same distance from each room, and the corresponding WiFi signals should not be wrong. In fact, the family environment is very complex, to each room obstacles are different, for example, is a barrier wall, so the wall is load-bearing wall or wall will affect the signal strength, even if is put in the apartment layout center position, signal of each room are not the same.
The solution is that you don't have to set up a network interface at the center of your apartment. If you have a room with no signal in your home, then you can fix it with a wireless router or an electric cat.

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