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Strong light communication teaches you how to recognize the quality of wires and cables

date:2018-08-22 18:00

Strong light communication teaches you how to identify and identify wires and cables:
Visual appearance discrimination
1.PVC sheath: the surface can be seen, pressing the inside of the network of regular irregularities, indicating that the processing is good, will not produce relative sliding, is a good cable. The outward appearance is smooth, can not see the "unevenness" of the pressed screen net, and the sheath is pinched by hand;
2. check the shielding net: the number of series are copper net, check solderability, tin plated copper wire scraping look inside is not copper wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire hardness is significantly greater than the copper wire netting; sparse, uneven distribution, and the insulating layer wrapped tight is cable;
3. check core: SYV 0.78-0.8mm - diameter cable, SYWV cable for 1.0mm; the recent emergence of a SYV75-5 core diameter is 1.0mm cable, the characteristic impedance of the cable, certainly not 75 ohm, 75 ohm is applied to the transmission system;
4. check the core wire and the insulating layer with oblique force: open the insulating layer, according to the direction of peeling pull wire, see core wire and an insulating layer has no bonding material; cable has large difference with no bonding force, cable;
5. longitudinal tensile test: take one meter cable, delamination core line, insulation layer, shielding layer, outer door cover, each stay 10 centimeters long. The method is: two hands grip the cable two adjacent layers, pulling in the opposite direction; cable general strength pull cable difference without much effort you can easily pull out the elevator cable this one is very important, many of the so-called "elevator cable" has this problem.
Fire test
General false copper: copper clad aluminum, copper clad aluminum magnesium alloy, copper clad steel, copper coated iron.
High imitation copper: a certain proportion of added copper clad aluminum magnesium alloy by multi strand copper wires and other materials after copper plating of processed materials, the general price to be expensive after all really inside than on a copper.
Non standard copper wire: the material is not made of oxygen free copper wire drawn copper, transmission performance is not good, or that the core is not enough.
If you forget the classification of these three fake copper wires at the time of purchase, you can also try the following method:
As the saying goes, RVV SYV and True gold does not fear fire, such as copper wire can also use fire to verify the authenticity, first open a stub with a section of wire out and give them a share of sparse (so better), usually with a lighter to burn, it will. Really very high temperature copper wire for more than a minute, absolutely no problem, most will turn a little; if it is a copper aluminum magnesium alloy copper clad aluminum, quickly bent down; if the copper clad steel, copper iron reported that after burning with a knife scraping it now.
Transmission performance test
1. color camera video signal can be used as a standard video signal source: camera output test project, in a 75 Ohm load amplitude is 1Vp-p, namely the synchronization head bottom to the white level video signal the highest peak - peak "; that the synchronous head range" -0.3V "color synchronization head (4.43M sine pulse) amplitude is 0.3Vp-p; select oscilloscope sensitivity to amplitude calibration. Choose a better camera as a video source";
2. test cable to take a little longer to reduce measurement errors, such as 1000 meters, some cable joints with "F connector and coaxial double pass (CATV), welding methods do not use, because the continuous welding damages of the coaxial and characteristic impedance of the cable.
DC resistance data of 3. measuring cable: SYV75-5 Cable 1000 meters, the DC resistance core wire is 35-40 ohms, outer shield resistance 1000 meters is 24-36 ohms (shielding layer number of series resistance, big difference); SYWV75-5 Cable 1000 meters, the DC resistance core wire is 18-22 ohms, outer shield resistance 1000 meters 24-36 ohm; accumulation of this information is very useful, can not only determine the quality of timber and used for cable, wiring, pipe engineering quality inspection, such as Gu people wear tube, the wires, the resistance becomes large, the video signal is weak, the interference also appeared, this kind of accident occurred the probability is very high, but often overlooked;
4. measuring cable of high frequency and low frequency attenuation characteristics: at the end of measuring head head and color synchronization range, with 0.3V as 0dB benchmark, the calculation of attenuation, the line with the department head on behalf of low-frequency attenuation, color synchronization 4.43M high frequency attenuation.

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