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The manufacturing process of optical communication fiber beam combiner

date:2018-08-22 17:56

Hui strongman optical communication fiber laser with high conversion efficiency, good beam quality, compact structure and convenient maintenance, has been rapidly developed in recent years, has been widely used in scientific research, industrial production and national security and other fields, is also an important direction of the future development of high power laser.
The key technology of optical fiber coupler, developed high efficiency and high power optical fiber power combiner, provide strong support for high power fiber laser has become a key issue in today's need to be resolved in the field of optical fiber laser.
With the innovation of high brightness semiconductor laser, double clad doped fiber technology, making the all fiber structure of high power fiber lasers and amplifiers or direct synthesis of high power semiconductor laser using multimode laser output device has gradually replaced the traditional mechanical equipment play an important role in industrial production activities.
Select the signal optical fiber and optical fiber suitable matching, with end pumped beam power similar processes, applications can realize ultra high power combiner, is up to now, the scheme of high power laser front realization. Process density is relatively high, but also with practical project partners in-depth communication.
With the development of domestic high power laser, the beam combiner, as the core component of fiber laser, has been involved in the highest index of the localization of laser.
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