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Some noticeable problems in communication cable technology and Industry Development

date:2018-08-22 17:58

Actively innovate and develop new technologies with independent intellectual property rights
Although in recent years, optical fiber and cable technology in China has great development, there are some technologies with independent intellectual property rights has to play a role, but should see the proportion is still very small, there are nearly 200 fiber optic cable factory, but most of them are single product, no independent intellectual property rights, low technology content, competitiveness is not strong. There are statistics, from 1997 to 1999, domestic enterprises to apply for patent optical communication has 132, of which 38 pieces of optical fiber cable, only 19, while foreign companies apply for optical communication patents reached 550 in Chinese, including fiber optic cable 37. There are information reports: since 1997, the domestic optical communications core technology patents are 90, China's only 9 applications, accounting for only 10%. In fact, fiber optic cable technology in China should be said with the international level has large gap, so we as second of the world's power cable, should develop the technology with independent intellectual property rights as a priority among priorities of our work, and strive to create more patent optical fiber cable.
Develop new products with advanced technology, environment and construction technology
With the continuous development of telecommunication network, new requirements for optical fiber cable products have been put forward. It is not difficult to find that the structure of optical fiber cable is more and more dependent on the environmental conditions and the specific requirements of construction. In the development of submarine optical fiber cables, shallow water fiber optic cables, ADSS and OPGW optical fiber cables, they will have a profound understanding of this point. In the future, the focus of construction will be with the cable access network, CPN construction continues to expand, cable structure and construction technology of the new generation will be a full set of technologies such as micro optical cable, blowing or floating installation and mini type tubular or microtubule system based on a series of new changes, so that the limited installation space full use and flexible. It also includes a number of fiber optic design, manufacturing processes, fiber optic cable materials, construction and installation of new technical issues. Some countries or companies have gained some experience and are gradually forming new system technology patents. Many of our users, access network and user network has a lot of characteristics, will have more requirements to access cable, provides a good opportunity for us to study and innovation of access network and customer premises network cable structure. It should be said that most fiber optic technology is behind the latest technology abroad. Although we are following advanced technology, there are too few components of self innovation. In the future, we should make some efforts in this respect and follow our own road of innovation. In the Chinese characteristic access network and the user's resident network, some optical cable products with Chinese characteristics are adopted.
Using existing equipment and technology to improve the corresponding characteristics of HYA local telephone cable, and provide better service for digital service
As for the already laid copper cables, we can make full use of their characteristics and open new digital services under the existing conditions. Although the existing HYA cable can also open some new services such as ADSL, but the capacity is limited, when the number of ADSL increases to a certain limit, there will be interference problems, and will affect the previously opened business. Therefore, the new laid copper cable, hoping to put forward some new broadband index requirements, for the future to open more and better new business ready. The production process itself should be in-depth study of existing telephone cable manufacturers, does not change (or no change) production equipment, careful design and careful manufacture, the technical level of existing cables to a higher level, to provide more wide band cable, for more and better develop new digital services with high quality the channel.
Improving the construction and maintenance methods of optical fiber cables
At present, in order to adapt to the characteristics of city construction, more attention to international construction light, cable trench, the trench or small micro trench installation cable, and automatic monitoring of cable network, cable network to ensure uninterrupted communications maintenance. In line with this, it is necessary to develop the corresponding components, tools and equipment, and to make some improvements in the system to adapt to it. Optical fiber and optical cable sheath index monitoring scheme of ITU NH development of cable is proposed for optical fiber sensor, optical fiber automatic test immersion selector and the 1s alarm, the United States proposed 3min positioning within the index and Italy have attached great importance to. These approaches have played an obvious role in modern optical networks. Thus, in order to ensure the reliability of cable network, reduce the cost, in the construction and maintenance of labor saving, time saving, and gradually promote the new construction methods, and gradually improve the cable network automatic monitoring and maintenance system and improve the maintenance level of cable network without interruption is imperative.
Calmly review the development of the current telecommunications market, and promote the development of optical fiber, optical cable and communications cable industry
Since the second half of 2001, fiber optic cable drop in demand, which has great relationship with the overall decline of the world telecom industry and broadband Internet bubble burst, but more is received from the second half of 1999 due to fiber shortage and expansion of the company too much influence. According to the data, in 2000, the global fiber manufacturers investment reached $2 billion 600 million, is 6 times in 1999, according to projections to the 2002 global fiber production capacity will reach 1.65 ~ 175 million km fiber, far more than the actual demand. Coupled with the current telecommunications infrastructure downturn, the phenomenon of excess fiber is inevitable.
Although the market trend of fiber optic cable and communication cable is affected by the development of the international economic situation, especially with the development of the whole telecommunications industry, it should be seen,

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