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An optocoupler is an electrical, photoelectric converter that uses light as a medium to transmit electrical signals

date:2018-08-22 17:54

An optocoupler is an electrical, optical, and electrical converter that uses light as a medium to transmit electrical signals:
It consists of two parts: light source and light receiver. A light source and a light receiver are assembled in the same hermetic shell and insulated from each other by a transparent insulator. The pin of the luminous source is an input end, and the pin of the light receiving device is an output end, and the common luminous source is a light-emitting diode, and the light receiving device is a photosensitive diode, a photosensitive triode, and the like. There are many kinds of photoelectric couplers, such as photodiode type, photoelectric triode type, photosensitive resistor type, light controlled thyristor type, photoelectric Darlington type, integrated circuit type, etc..

The optocoupler can be used as a linear coupler:
Provide a bias current in the light-emitting diode, then the signal voltage to the light emitting diode through a resistor coupled transistor, so the received optical signal is on the increase and decrease in the bias current changes, the output current signal with input voltage linearly. The optocoupler can also operate in switching mode to transmit pulse signals. When the pulse signal is transmitted, there is a certain delay time between the input signal and the output signal, and the input and output delay time of the optocoupler is very different.

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