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Huizhou HuiQiangRen Optical Communication Co., Ltd.-Isolation capability of optical fiber splitter

date:2018-08-22 17:55

An optical fiber splitter is a device for splitting and combining light energy. It divides the light energy transmitted in one fiber into two or more fibers in a given proportion, or combines the light energy transmitted in a plurality of fibers into an optical fiber.
The degree of isolation of an optical fiber splitter refers to the ability of an optical path splitter to isolate the optical signals in other optical paths. Among the above indexes, the isolation is more important to the optical fiber splitter. In practical system, the isolation is more than 40dB. Otherwise, the performance of the whole system will be affected.
The optical fiber splitter stability is also an important indicator of the stability refers to the change in the outside temperature, other devices working condition changes, optical fiber splitter ratio and other performance indicators should remain unchanged, in fact the stability of the optical fiber splitter depends entirely on the manufacturer's technical level, different the manufacturers of the products, the quality gap is quite big.
In practical application, we also did encounter ofbd a lot of poor quality, not only the performance deterioration, and the damage rate is very high, an important device in optical fiber, attention at the time of purchase, not just look at the price, the price of the low level of optical branching process must be low. In addition, uniformity, return loss, directivity, and PDL all play a very important role in the performance of optical fiber splitters.
Huizhou City Hui optical communication limited company. The registered capital of 5 million yuan, the new plant has about 1500 square meters, with the production, test, test and other advanced equipment and strong technical force team, the taper equipment 40 Taiwan scale, average daily output reached more than 1500PCS, the latter will plan to reach 100 units in size, production capacity is expected to increased by 5 times, is the research, development, and sales to optical fiber network system products as one of the high-tech enterprises. The main products are: 1x2, 2x2, 3X3, 2x4, 2x6 and other equal or non equipartition products, for foreign markets, there are multi-mode products.
The services include: integrated wiring system engineering, computer network engineering, optical fiber communication systems engineering, systems engineering, test data ofbd product development engineering, optical fiber optoelectronic industry, maintenance and upgrading and transformation, at the same time the company for all construction projects to build and maintain files, set up special maintenance department, the implementation of a rapid response mechanism. To resolve the menace from the rear for our customers in the first time. 0752-5716861

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