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Established in 2008: Established Shenzhen Langya Technology Co., Ltd.

Cone equipment department: focus on the development and sales of taper equipment;

the taper device department: focus on the coupler,Splitter device production。         


In 2012, the company moved to Huizhou Daya Bay (following the production line of Shenzhen Tongfa Laser Co., Ltd.), 

the company registered “Huizhou Huiqiangren Optical Communication Co., Ltd.”, 

and Shenzhen Tongfa Laser injected 8 million yuan.,Designated fiber optic combiner , 

Beijing Aerospace University injection technology: glue, materials, polarization maintaining technology 。       

 Production scale in 2017: 1,500 flat production plants, 50 machines / 70 people   。      


In 2018, he moved to Xiegang Town, Dongguan (cooperating with Shenzhen Tongfa Laser Co., Ltd. to restructure and expand the listed assets). 

The company changed its name to: Dongguan Zhengxi Communication Co., Ltd. (and passed ISO9001 certification),

 The 4500-square-meter factory has an expansion target of 100 machines/150 people.     

 The business focuses on high quality fiber optic taper couplers, fiber taper splitters, fiber optic  Photosynthetic beam combiner、OEM/ODM manufacturing of fiber optic taper sensors. 

Opened in a model similar to "Foxconn, TSMC", and undertake OEM procurement or OEM OEMs.



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